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Aloha! My name is Josh, I am a young audio engineer born and raised in Mililani, Hawaii (the island Oahu). I started in the music industry in 2013 as professional musician performing around Hawaii regularly with the band The Fresh Preps (still do). While working for the band full time I have learned a great deal through my engineering mentors, and through my dedication to studying audio. While practicing the craft of audio engineering I have discovered a huge passion for it! I am a perfectionist, a very hard and dedicated worker, and put great effort into creating a product you will love and that I can be proud of. I mix almost entirely "in the box" (very little outboard gear), and if that is a deal breaker than no problem, I would love to send you a reference to another engineer or recording studio :) Thanks so much for stopping by!




I charge affordable flat rates to remove any risk from the paying client. This way there is no worry about paying a high hourly fee because of taking too long, it also pushes me to produce a quality product faster. My rates vary depending on how many audio files are to be mixed or edited.

Audio Mixer


Best Audio Engineers

Bring your song to the next level with a professional mix. I will balance levels, create instrument separation, produce depth with reverb and delay artistry, enhance the stereo image, and make the lead parts shine through the mix.

This service includes:

1 Major Revision: i.e. adding/replacing tracks, slight change of arrangement, change of reference mix or style direction, etc…

2 Minor Revisions: i.e. changing tracks volume, timbre, effects, etc…

You may also schedule to come and listen in my music studio while mixing revisions if you prefer.

The product will be exported as a WAV and MP3 audio file.

(This service does not include editing: pitch correction, timing adjustment, cleaning out noise, etc... See below for my "Audio Editing" service if this is needed)


Mixing 1-16 Tracks



Mixing 17-32 Tracks



Mixing 33+ Tracks



Do you need to prepare your song for the mixing process? Do you want your song to be tighter, cleaner, and uncluttered? I can remove pops and clicks, tighten up the bass to the kick drum, fix general timing issues, clean up breaths, correct vocal pitch issues (pitch adjustment has additional charge), all while retaining a natural sound.

Editing 1 Audio File



Vocal Pitch Correction



Send all audio files WAV or AIFF format. Also due to the fact that files are too large to email, you may send me a link to a Google Drive or Dropbox folder, or hand them to me in person.

Label all audio files clearly, describing exactly what the track is meant to be (i.e. Lead Vocal Double, Rhythm Guitar, Kick Drum, Background Vocal, Synth Pad, Etc...)

All tracks must begin at the same time to ensure they are aligned.

Please include the BPM (Beats per minute) of song on the folder or files.

Please send any reference songs you have for how you want your song to sound and describe exactly what parts of the song you want me to pull from. For example: If you like the reverb on the guitar, where the vocal is sitting in the mix, how punchy or mellow the drums are, and so on...

Please let me know if you have a deadline to finish by.

If you have any other questions feel free to call, text, email, or fill out the contact form below, thanks!


It is not my forte. I have not spent sufficient time practicing the art of mastering and am not confident enough to charge for this service. If you would like me to master the song I mixed for you, I will include it for free. But I would still recommend finding an engineer with more experience.


All songs were edited, mixed, by yours truly:

So Damn Wrong - The Fresh Preps


Lainey Lainey - Ragamuffs


Famiglia - Thomas Ianucci feat. KJ-52


Clint Eastwood (Cover)




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